WhereFor Business

Product design for online corporate travel booking.

WhereFor Business


WhereFor Business is bringing the consumer travel booking experience to corporate travelers. WhereFor Business is working with the Global Travel Team from a Fortune 10 company to develop an online travel booking tool that provides great rates and ease of use rather than complex corporate policies.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
    Corporate Travel
  • Type
    Privately Held
  • Team
    5 - 10 Employees
  • Customers
    Corporate Business Travellers
  • Headquarters
    Los Angeles, CA


Mobile version of Hotel Details screen


View from the window seat


Business travelers are fed up with clunky enterprise software. Our challenge was to design an online booking tool that would delight business travelers while encouraging the booking behaviors usually enforced by complex corporate travel policies.


Mobile Flight Search screen


Trip Screen (left)
Flight Options Screen (center)
Hotel Options Screen (right)

Mobile Screens


We worked closely with the Global Travel Team from a Fortune 10 company to develop product requirements that would meet corporate policy and business traveller needs. Our designs fulfilled these requirements with the best practices of user experience and interface design from consumer travel booking websites.


Our product design eliminated the need for complex approval processes, allowing the Global Travel Team to focus on impactful initiatives. Improved user experience kept business travelers from booking outside the corporate tool and saved travelers time.

Desktop Bundle Screen

"We've had an incredible response from corporate travelers to the new user experience."

Ryan Wenger
CEO at WhereFor


Michelle Priest, Product Manager
JJ Kaye, Creative Director
Jennifer Lim, Designer
Christian Gimber, Designer
Jake Kwaschnefski, Designer


Wherefor Business Flight Options
screen optimized for tablet