City of West Hollywood

Branding and Messaging for the WeHo Smart City initiative.

City of West Hollywood


The WeHo Smart City Initiative is a collection of projects by the City of West Hollywood that use technology to enhance the vibrant lives lived within a WeHo city block. For WeHo Smart City, we designed a visual brand identity and messaging framework to increase visibility of Smart City projects among city staff, press, partners, and the community at large.


Poster for West Hollywood’s Public WiFi
program that is now under the umbrella
of WeHo Smart City


WeHo Smart City Block Logomark


Working with the city, we defined key KPIs to measure success:

– Align all 10 city departments on the WeHo Smart City vision
– Promote each WeHo Smart City project with a repeatable messaging framework that activates the community
– Generate one partnership opportunity and at least three press mentions for each WeHo Smart City project


Cover of the WeHo Smart City Strategic Plan


Spreads from the WeHo Smart City Brand Guide


With varied stakeholder groups, WeHo Smart City faced a clear challenge. How could the brand be a Big Tent for technology initiatives across departments and bring leaders together under one initiative?


WeHo Smart City Tote Bag


WeHo Smart City Initiative Posters


Our solution was to focus on improving quality of life. After interviewing the West Hollywood Executive team, business owners, and residents what emerged was a belief that technology should be helpful but invisible. That insight drove our strategy to position WeHo Smart City as an initiative that holistically weaves technology into the fabric of the city.


Quote from Francisco Contreras
the Innovation Manager for the City of
West Hollywood


Treatments of the three flexible marks
developed for the WeHo Smart City Initiative

“This process has really set a shared vision for what being a Smart City means to the City of West Hollywood.”

Francisco J. Contreras, AICP
Innovation Manager
City of West Hollywood


Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal


West Hollywood Facebook page cover photo
promoting the WeHo Smart City Initiative