Shakey’s Pizza

Digital Strategy for a pizza parlor with real staying power.

Shakey’s Pizza


Shakey’s is the original family pizza joint with 54 locations around Southern California. After five decades in business, Shakey’s continues to lead the quick service category. With an eye toward younger, digitally savvy diners, Shakey’s is launching a series of technology initiatives to keep pace with new media.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
    Fast Casual Dining
  • Type
    Privately Held and Franchised
  • Team
    500 - 1,000 Employees
  • Customers
    Working Class, Families
  • Headquarters
    Alhambra, CA


Example custom Shakey’s Snapchat
Geo-filter based on customer research.


Shakey’s Whittier, CA
Opened 1978


Shakey’s had a successful traditional marketing strategy, but needed an innovative approach to spending on digital media, including the Shakey’s website and social ads. To capture younger diners, our challenge was to reach them when and where they’re consuming media.


Shakey’s Millennial Customers


Sample page from Shakey’s
Customer Strategy Report

Strategy Example


We interviewed more than 50 Shakey’s customers and found that many young diners are smartphone dependent, meaning their phone is the primary way they connect to the internet. We developed a phased strategy to optimize the Shakey’s website for mobile, hypertarget social media ads, and connect in-store experiences with digital sharing behaviors.


Our Digital Strategy aligned Shakey’s team and franchisees around an actionable plan for how to get the most return from their digital marketing budget.

"This is exactly the information we need to maintain our marketshare as our core demographic ages."

Nick Mayer
CEO of Shakey's


Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal


Shakey’s Homepage mock design
based on customer feedback.