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Bringing 21st century communication to the home loan process.

Matic Home


Matic is disrupting the $65 billion home loan and insurance industry. Millennials are the fastest growing segment of homebuyers and their tech-savviness is butting heads with an industry behind the times. With deep industry knowledge and a Millennial-focused strategy, Matic is opening new channels to life-long customers.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
    Fintech, Real Estate
  • Funding
    $2.3M Seed / Series A
  • Team
    10 Employees
  • Products
    Mobile & Web Apps
  • Customers

Loan Pipeline


Matic needed to reach new Millennial homebuyers where they are, on their phones and laptops. Our challenge was to create a framework for the complex home loan process. We needed to make every loan officer feel successful and make every borrower feel like they have a friend in real estate.


Our research revealed communication as the number one roadblock between new borrowers and loan officers. Thus we designed a communication hub that’s available when and where borrowers want it. With documents, progress updates, and conversations in one place, loan officers provide better service and borrowers are more responsive to requests.


Loan Details


Matic’s home loan product has breathed new life into the mortgage industry. They’ve secured as an investor and partner one of largest and most reputable mortgage bankers in the industry. Lenders using Matic’s home loan product are poised to dominate the fastest growing segment of new homebuyers.

“I was amazed how HPZ was able to translate complex process into a simple and powerful product design.”

Aaron Schiff
CEO, Matic

New Borrower


Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal
Travis Korte, Researcher