Matic Insurance Services

Strategy and branding for innovation in home loans and insurance.

Matic Insurance Services


Matic is disrupting the $65 billion home loan and insurance industry. Millennials are the fastest growing segment of homebuyers and their tech-savviness is butting heads with an industry behind the times. With deep industry knowledge and a Millennial-focused strategy, Matic is opening new channels to life-long customers.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
    Fintech, Real Estate
  • Funding
    $2.3M Seed / Series A
  • Team
    10 Employees
  • Products
    Mobile & Web Apps
  • Customers


Matic needed a brand that inspires trust in Millennial homebuyers. To reach this growing market, our challenge was to define an authentic personality for Matic without discrediting them as a financial institution.


Millennial homebuyers want everything explained to them in terms they can understand. From the look and feel to the messaging tone, we positioned Matic as a friendly advisor. Supported by a flexible identity, the mark visually represents a complex process distilled to a navigable set of steps, much like how Matic approaches homebuying.

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Matic has leveraged their Millenial-oriented brand to raise over $2M in funding from venture capital and within the mortgage industry. In 2016, they’ve become the most sought after technology provider in home loans.

"Going through the Brand Strategy process has helped guide my thinking about every part of my business."

Aaron Schiff
CEO of Matic

Brand Palette



Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal
Travis Korte, Researcher