Immediate Action Medicine

Strategy and branding for education in advanced tactical medicine.

Immediate Action Medicine


IA MED is the leader in specialized flight and tactical paramedic training. Paramedics and nurses seeking advanced skills needed for career growth require dedication, support, and guidance. With an emphasis on care and support in their training, IA MED is setting a new standard for developing elite first responders.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
    Medical Training
  • Funding
    Privately Funded
  • Team
    5 - 10 Employees
  • Products
    Materials & Training
  • Customers
    Govt / Healthcare Orgs


IA MED needed a brand that would project success as they entered a phase of business expansion. To elevate IA MED, our challenge was to build a brand that represents strength and support across the medical and military communities.


Flight medics are highly coveted and respected roles, so we positioned IA MED as a sign of dedication to advanced training. The mark resembles a badge of accomplishment supported by a brand system that balances sturdy typography with swift blades and bold colors.

Primary Lockup

Secondary Lockup



Since their rebrand, IA MED has seen financial successes tied to their image of professionalism. Conversion rates on their Facebook ads have increased 400%, a key revenue driver. Additionally, they’ve secured multiple government contracts and solicited potential sale offers from interested parties.

"The design process has given us a true image of professionalism in our market."

Jon Reed

Brand Palette



Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal
Travis Korte, Researcher
Emily Eck, Print Designer