Calvin iOS App

Building the future of plan-making with machine learning.

Calvin iOS App


Calvin is a native mobile app for planning with small groups. Utilizing the personal information available on mobile devices, Calvin’s artificial intelligence suggests who to see, where to go, and when to do it. Calvin is riding a wave of smart service apps that give time back to busy young professionals.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
  • Funding
    Privately Funded
  • Team
    Founders / Contractors
  • Product
    Native iOS App
  • Customers
    Young Professionals
  • Location
    New York, NY

Plan Making


Calvin needed a user experience and interface design that would strike a chord with early adopters. To get the people who initiate plans the most using the app, our challenge was to design a frictionless experience that provides enough value to lure planners away from email and text message planning.


Planners hack existing tools to fit their planning needs. Using Calvin’s cutting edge machine learning technologies, we designed features into the Calvin app that fit these specific planning needs. From saving ideas for later to suggesting the best scheduling options, Calvin turns RSVPs from maybe to yes.

Plan Details


With an innovative approach to the application of machine learning technology, Calvin has been featured in multiple publications and at conferences including the Twitter Developers conference. Calvin has also joined the ranks of the standard technology arsenal of productivity experts.

“HPZ uncovered new insights about how people make plans to help us find product-market fit.”

Nick Sonnenberg
CEO, Calvin

UI Elements


App Palette




Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal
Travis Korte, Researcher