Marketing collateral for the first VR platform in healthcare.



AppliedVR is the first virtual reality platform for validated therapeutic content. VR experiences are helping patients overcome pain and anxiety without costly and addictive prescription drugs. AppliedVR’s platform and distribution model are specifically designed to connect medical professionals with emerging VR content creators.

Quick Facts

  • Industry
    Healthcare Technology
  • Type
    Privately Held / Early Stage
  • Team
    5 - 10 Employees
  • Customers
    Medical Professional, Patients
  • Headquarters
    Los Angeles, CA


CEO Matthew Stoudt presenting at the
Tech Stars and Cedars Sinai Demo Day


Patient fitted with VR headset running
Applied VR Platform


AppliedVR needed marketing materials to communicate the value of their products to a range of audiences from investors to medical professionals and VR content creators. Each audience brought a unique perspective and background knowledge. Our challenge was to distill complex technical and medical concepts into clear, inspirational stories.


Content Selection Screen inside the
Applied VR content platform


Video of Demo Day at the Wallis Annenberg Center
for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, CA


The through line we found in AppliedVR’s messaging was the positive impact on patients. We created targeted sales decks for each audience group. Complex concepts were explained with a combination of photography and iconography for a quick read experience. No matter the audience, we highlighted the positive impact on patients with anecdotes and statistics.


The process of creating marketing materials aligned AppliedVR’s leadership team around the messages and values of their company. With a unified message clearly outlined in writing and visuals, conversations with potential partners, clients, and investors could progress quickly.

“I’m able to close more deals with such visually compelling materials before I ever get on the phone or in the room.”

Matthew Stoudt
CEO of AppliedVR


Michelle Priest, Principal
JJ Kaye, Principal


Graphics representing the types of content
in the AppliedVR platform